How many Laser Tattoo Removal treatments will I need?
The number of treatments needed for each tattoo depends on both the patient and the tattoo. Size, location, and ink color are all factors to be considered.
The average tattoo requires five to ten treatments with a minimum of six weeks between sessions. The Trinity is designed to minimize the number of removal treatments necessary for complete removal. This, paired with the expert training of the Eternity Tattoo Removal Clinics laser specialists, is certain to remove your unwanted tattoo faster than anyone in the region.

How long does each Laser Tattoo Removal treatment take?
The length of a treatment is based on two things – the color(s) and size of the tattoo.
Naturally, larger tattoos take more time to treat, and ink colors that require the Ruby component of the Trinity will experience a longer treatment.
The typical treatment time ranges from 30 seconds and 15 minutes.

Does Trinity Laser tattoo removal hurt?
Eternity Tattoo Removal Clinics have invested in the Cryo 6 cold air machine for patient comfort. The Zimmer Cryo 6 is a leading aesthetic skin numbing solution. Using air chilled to -30 degrees, the Cryo 6 forces air onto the skin, numbing the treatment area before, during, and after.

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Are there any side effects from Laser Tattoo Removal?
With the advanced Astanza Trinity laser system, side effects are minimized with each laser treatment. The active Q-switching technology keeps the skin safe and free from burns.
It is normal for mild swelling and blistering to occur after treatment. Sensitive and dark skin types may have an increase or decrease in pigmentation after the laser treatment, hyper- and hypopigmentation, respectively. These issues are resolved naturally over time and can often be aided by sunlight (hypo.)
The most important way to ensure proper healing, fast ink removal, and a pristine treatment process is to follow the given aftercare instructions. Find extensive aftercare here or ask your laser specialist at Eternity Tattoo Removal Clinics for an additional copy.

How much does each Laser Tattoo Removal treatment cost?
Tattoo cost is dependent on the size of your tattoo. The laser specialist will determine cost during your initial consultation. Call Eternity Tattoo Removal Clinics to schedule a free consultation, today.
Also ask about our package pricing and special discounts.

Why choose Eternity Tattoo Removal Clinics to remove my tattoo?
Simply because we offer the best tattoo removal treatment technology in the country. Astanza Trinity tattoo removal at Eternity Tattoo Removal Clinics is the safest, fastest, and most effective.