Tattoo Removal Before And After

All Tattoo’s can be treated at Eternity Tattoo Removal Clinics. The Tattoo Removal Before and After’s seen on this page are indicative of the quality of our work and the success rate. We can not guarantee that every clients Tattoo Removal Before and After will look or result in the same way, though we endeavour to keep our clients happy while keeping them safe.

Many customers and potential customers are always enquiring to how the before and after appearance of their tattoo will look. Will there be scarring? Will there be red markings? Can I tattoo over the top of an old tattoo?

At Eternity Tattoo Removal, we do not create false expectations of the tattoo removal before and afters or try to convince you that your results will be the same as any other individual. To be able to better guide you in the specific results that you might see, we request that you come into our clinic situated in Parramatta only 20 mins west of Sydney, for a free consultation.

During this consultation we will be able to:

  1. Evaluate the tattoo that you would like removed.
  2. Evaluate your skin type
  3. Accurately quote you on session price as well as complete removal pricing.

When the above 3 points have been established, the expected tattoo removal before and after results that we think are achievable will be made known to you and you will be able to decide whether or not our tattoo removal services are what you are after.

Give us a call today on (02) 9683 2939 or Email us on to make a booking or find out more information.

Before Laser Tattoo Removal

After 4 Treatments

After 4 Laser Tattoo Removal Sessions