How does Laser Tattoo Removal Work?

Laser tattoo removal works by sending extremely brief pulses of laser light energy into the skin at varying wavelengths. These energy pulses penetrate deep into the dermis layer of skin shattering ink on contact.

Ink colors absorb select wavelengths of light energy which then allow them to heat up and burst. Numerous wavelengths of light energy are needed to eliminate the widest variety of colors.

Once the ink is shattered in to tiny fragments, the broken pigment particles are flushed away by the body’s natural immune process. This flushing away of the ink provides the visible fading of the tattoo on the skin.

The flushing and fading of broken ink continues until there are no remaining fragments.

With each tattoo removal treatment, more ink is shattered and the ink fading process continues.

The average tattoo removal requires between five and ten treatments, spaced six to eight weeks apart to be fully removed. The Trinity laser tattoo removal system at Eternity Tattoo Removal Clinics offers the most powerful, versatile treatment options to minimize the number of appointments needed – even for resistant tattoos.

Eternity Tattoo Removal Process

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